HackMed is a medical hackathon aimed at developing creative solutions to solve problems within medicine and healthcare. It is a student-run event for individuals from various backgrounds interested in the crossroads of life sciences and technology.

Throughout the weekend, hackers at HackMed will have a unique opportunity to learn from each other, build awesome projects together, and share them with other hackers. This will allow a multi-disciplinary mesh of people working on developing solutions to pressing problems within healthcare and medicine.

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£895 in prizes

1st prize


2nd prize


3rd prize

Dobble and the mind card games

Best social media post

Nexmo sponsor prize

Fitbit Versa

(MLH) Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

Register the most interesting domain with FREE Domain.com credit this weekend to win Raspberry Pis.

(MLH) Best IoT Hack using a Qualcomm Device

Use a Qualcomm dwevice, like a DragonBoard 410c, in an Internet of Things project this weekend to win a DragonBoard 410c.

(MLH) Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Use a Google Cloud Platform service (like hosting or machine learning) in your project to win Google Home Minis.

(MLH) Best use of Snap Kit

Use Snap Kit to integrate Snapchat's best features into your hack to win Spectacles or another awesome prize.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Our event is open to individuals who are current students or have left university in the past year. We recommend the maximum number of 4 people per team. 


Dennis Wang

Dennis Wang
University of Sheffield

Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker
Sheffield Bioinformatics Core

Jeremy Chui

Jeremy Chui

Judging Criteria

  • Usefulness (25%)
    Did the solution solve a real-world medical problem? How much of an impact will it have on medicine and healthcare?
  • Technical difficulty (25%)
    How hard was it to implement the solution? Was it a simple website or did the team build something that we’ve not seen before?
  • Originality (25%)
    How new the idea? Is it the next Uber for doctors or are they creating something groundbreaking new?
  • Design/User experience/Polish (25%)
    Did the team build something with the end user in mind? How polished is the hack?

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